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Photo Set

Starkid stamps continued. 

We saw the Apocalyptour last night (which was awesome!) and my roommate helped me hand out the stamps. I hadn’t decided which one would go to which member of Starkid so we quickly figured it out in line (and had a bunch left over). I was completely unsuave when handing them out and the signing line didn’t really leave a lot of time to chat so I handed over my stamp, smiled, and got my mini-poster signed. At the end we sort of got to talk to Jamie and Dylan but apparently I’m bad at that so it was mostly saying ‘thank you’ a lot and trying to explain that there were more stamps in the box while not holding up the line. Here’s hoping they took them all home and didn’t forget them at HOB. Let’s also hope they kept my business cards that were included in the box. I may be unsuave but I will attempt to network anytime given the chance (see: giving Rachel Dratch a water bottle and my business card in Vegas).

All in all a good night. Being short does suck because I couldn’t see sometimes (especially when everyone was filming/photographing the whole thing and blocking my already limited view) but most people were really nice and let me in front of them. Of course there are always going to be those people who would shiv you in order to get to the front but let’s not dwell on them. Good times were had. If I had a bunch of money lying around, I’d go again! 


Last min figuring out which stamps go to which Starkid. (Taken with instagram)

Photo Set

Going to see Apocalyptour tomorrow! Here are some of the stamps I made for the Starkids.